Empowering women

first_imgBy Ashley AnthonyIf you have been following international news, you would be aware of the controversy surrounding Harvey Weinstein, a famous producer. Weinstein has been the centre of a sickening scandal: one concerning sexual harassment and assault. The story, which broke on October 5, explained that Harvey Weinstein had been paying off ‘sexual harassment accusers’ for decades. Since that publication by The New York Times, inspired by the confidence shown by the women who spoke out, numerous actresses have come forward detailing their stories, including multiple accusations of rape.In the wake of the allegations against Harvey Weinstein, the #metoo began to resurface. The hashtag has its origins in 2006 when activist Tarana Burke used the phrase on MySpace to promote “empowerment through empathy” amongst women of colour who have experienced sexual abuse, particularly within underprivileged communities. She said that the idea spurred from when she was unable to respond to a 13-year-old girl who had told her she’d been abused. Burke related that in retrospect, she wished she had simply said “me too”. On October 15, 2017, actress Alyssa Milano encouraged women to use the phrase as part of an awareness campaign to demonstrate how widespread the problem was, tweeting: “If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote ‘Me too.’ as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.” The hashtag trended in more than 85 countries, with some women even naming their abusers. Within the first 24 hours, on Facebook, the tag had been used more than 12 million times.Whilst the conversation surrounding the controversy has been largely supportive of the women, there are, of course, those who take this time to blame the victim, and to cast doubt on the accusers. This victim blaming comes in degrees, varying from subtle comments such as those by Mayim Bialik, which implied that making “wise” choices such as the one to dress modestly had spared her from abuse in Hollywood, to ones from Donna Karan, who said, “You look at everything all over the world today and how women are dressing and what they are asking by just presenting themselves the way they do. What are they asking for? Trouble.” These comments seem eerily familiar to sentiments raised by Guyanese in response to the murder of Kescia Branche. The incident occurred some time during a night out, and many Guyanese criticised her for partying. They attacked her saying that as a teacher, she should have had more ‘proper’ behaviour, and numerous comments were cautionary to all women, with one saying that they should “be home with their kids and stop the night life”. It seems as though people don’t understand that women are at risk for sexual and physical abuse even when they are completely sober and dress modestly.If a person had a gorgeous house, would you blame them if their house was broken into? Is it their fault for owning such lavish things and tempting thieves? Of course not. No one would shame the owner of the house for buying fancy décor, so why do we shame women for dressing a certain way? Victim blaming in these situations makes it seem as though the woman could have prevented or controlled this situation, when in many cases this is not true. If all women dressed modestly, never went out, and never flirted with men, there would still be cases of sexual and physical assault. It should not fall upon the woman to change her behaviour, but upon the perpetrator.last_img read more

Expectations and swamps?

first_imgPeople generally have expectations of those who aspire to public office, especially of those seeking the nation’s highest. That noted, Donald Trump, not seen as the conventional candidate, may have had to work a bit harder than others. With little or no political background and experience, he made a commitment during the 2016 USA presidential campaign to “drain the swamp”.Seeing things from a business perspective, he used that metaphorical phrase to tout his plans of fixing problems within the federal Government. That mantra probably created expectations of things being done differently from what’s expected of seasoned politicians.Given that Mr Trump won, one can posit that a good reason for his success could be that many Americans wanted things to be done differently from what seemed routine. His perceived decisiveness— though an expected business approach along with the belief that the “swamp” would be “drained”— of bureaucracy as well, may have resonated with millions.Within a short period, his presidency became plagued with controversy. That could have contributed to him been unable to “drain the swamp” to the expectation of his supporters. That suggests, some Americans, who believed, are disappointed over their expectations not fulfilled. Their circumstance epitomises that of millions of others across the world who are disillusioned by failed campaign promises. Guyana is not excluded.There can be no dispute that the APNU/AFC coalition was very convincing in their campaign promises during the 2015 general elections. Foremost was the promise to do things differently and to wipe out corruption. In an effort to try and prove that corruption was rife under the PPP/C, the APNU/AFC Government spent millions of taxpayers’ money on forensic audits of State agencies.While that progressed, the APNU/AFC Government, almost immediately, became embroiled in controversies as it was accused of wanton corruption. Without public tendering, the audits were farmed out to its friends and cronies.The construction of Jubilee Park, the Sussex Street Drug Bond, the feasibility study for the new Demerara Harbour Bridge and the many questionable transactions for the supply for medical drugs are just a few alleged corrupt dealings of the APNU/AFC Government within the early part of its tenure.Allegations of corruption, including the siphoning of State lands to cronies, have grown drastically over the past four years despite the promise of doing things differently. On entering office with a seeming high level of goodwill, there was an expectation of it delivering on its promises. There was also the expectation of a visionary approach to sustain the unprecedented economic expansion and growth that were envisaged and prudently managed by the PPP/C.Having moved Guyana from a bankrupt nation to one of prosperity under its tenure from 1992-2015, the PPP/C would have positively transformed and modernised Guyana through the implementation of visionary economic policies. Those policies led a vast improvement in the lives of ordinary Guyanese who were empowered by their own economic advancement.Enabling environments were created across the country as vital services were decentralised to allow for modernisation beyond the capital. The unparalleled development of the country’s social and physical infrastructure reminds of Guyana’s transformation under the PPP/C.Having therefore inherited a developing country with tangible local and international assets, and with an oil-based economy on the horizon, there was an expectation for the APNU/AFC Government to sustain Guyana’s development. Today’s reality under the coalition is unflattering as economic woes have been inflicted, development stymied and visionary leadership noticeably absent.The production of plantain chips seemingly became President David Granger’s vision to improve livelihoods and grow the economy. He went as far as championing the sale of cook-up rice as another impetus. While those, to an extent, can in a small way assist individuals, it cannot be a macro-transformative project to drive what was once a thriving and rapidly growing economy under the PPP/C.Some four years after, having seemingly been short on ideas, he is now advocating that Guyanese stop selling plantain chips and get into manufacturing. From that, it appears it took him that length of time to see things from a larger perspective. However, despite that late push, he has yet to envisaged and implement a macro-transformative project of any form. The economy continues to slide under his watch as many Guyanese are saddled with economic burdens.Therefore, by its own record, the APNU/AFC Government has removed any expectations Guyanese may have harboured for the improvement of their lives and the development of the country.Some hold fast to the belief that a “swamp” may have been created as of May 2015; one that is overly saturated with failed promises, innumerable allegations of corruption, a dearth of visionary approach to governance and one in which doing things differently means giving itself a massive pay hike at the expense of suffering Guyanese. Mr Trump’s mantra on swamps may be echoing.last_img read more

Company to meet with Ministers to address issue

first_img…offers 0k reward for capture of culpritsThe Guyana Telephone Telegraph (GTT) is reporting that its cables have again been sabotaged, and the company is offering a reward of $500,000 for the capture of those responsible.The telecommunications giant has announced that it plans to meet with the relevant ministers of government for discussions on the spate of sabotage plaguing the company.On September 12 and 13, three hundred (300) metres of cable in the vicinity of New Hope and Friendship on the East Bank of Demerara were cut and removed, affecting voice and data services to more than 400 customers. “These malicious acts are being conducted by persons who understand the telecoms system, and are bent on impeding the company’s progress for their own selfish gains,” GTT’s Chief Executive Officer, Justin Nedd, has said.“GTT intends to meet with the Minsters of Public Security, Business and Public Telecommunications to holistically address the issue. Engineers and other resources allocated for scheduled works have since been diverted to restore service to the affected customers,” the company said in a press statement.During a joint press conference with the Public Telecommunications Ministry and GTT on July 26, 2017, Minister Cathy Hughes stressed: “At the end of the day, it is important to recognise that the new telecommunications agency will have the responsibility to issue new licences.” She was unequivocal in pointing out that, should information be revealed identifying any singular entity as responsible for the sabotage perpetrated on GTT, that entity would be censured when it comes to being granted licences.The previous success in capturing and prosecuting some saboteurs was made possible through the vigilance of members of the respective communities where the sabotage was being conducted, who acted on appeal of GTT to say something if they see something, the statement explained.The first act in the recent series of sabotage was detected on July 14, 2017, one day before GTT officially launched the Blaze fibre-optic high-speed Internet. In February, the company’s fibre-optic cable was also sabotaged at a time when it launched its high-speed LTE broadband in Essequibo.Over the past 12 months, GTT’s loss of service and restoration effort has equated to $50 million, according to the company.Twenty-two-year-old Ricky Singh of Lot ‘F’ Grove, East Bank Demerara was in August placed on $350,000 bail upon being arraigned in court and denying that between July 22 and July 24, 2017, at Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara, he was caught vandalizing and stealing the GTT fibre-optic cable.Twenty-four-year-old fisherman Sanjay Seecharran of Grove Public Road, East Bank Demerara was also recently jailed for three years after confessing to stealing fibre-optic cable from GTT.last_img read more

SPL bows to ‘Unbwogable’ kings Gor

first_img0Shares0000Gor Mahia fans in full song at their aborted Mashemeji Derby. PHOTO/Raymond MakhayaNAIROBI, September 17- “We are tired of winning Yawa tho!!!,” was the banner self-proclaimed K’Ogalo Defence Force commander, Jaro Soja, held aloft subsequent to Gor Mahia being officially confirmed the 2015 SportPesa Premier League champions on a memorable Wednesday night for the best supported club in the land.It’s now 15 and counting as Gor continue putting distance between them and fellow giants, AFC Leopards who are a shambles of their greatness after a wretched campaign in K’Ogalo’s slipstream. Unless other players in the soon to be 18-team top tier come up with an answer quick, fast and in a hurry, Gor will continue re-writing domestic football’s history unchallenged in the foreseeable future.It now seems ancient history only three short seasons ago, Gor celebrated like the second coming of the Messiah after going 18 agonising years without the crown in a dark period for the great club that coincided with Kenyan football’s meltdown.Their revival and subsequent dominance having come close to catching the bouquet in the 2010 and 12 seasons when they were beaten to the finish line by Ulinzi Stars and Tusker FC in agonising final day heartbreaks, should signal the upturn in fortunes for the country’s tattered football.However, while Gor and by extent the Kenyan Premier League Limited run top-flight are slowly but surely bringing the groove back to the club game, the malevolent Football Kenya Federation (FKF) mandarins have perfected the art of reversing the gains through pitiable management-but for now, it’s all about the majesty of K’Ogalo.Having been led to their first title since 1995 by Bobby Williamson who is now struggling to pick up the ruins of another Harambee Stars failure, compatriot Frank Nuttall, a respected physical trainer once in the books of Glasgow giants, Rangers FC, has masterminded two championship winning runs on the bounce with the swagger associated with Gor’s core support base.While Sofapaka FC were allowed to mount a sustained challenge for the crown until the last lap of last year’s campaign, Nuttall’s boys have not allowed anyone to have a sniff at the trophy they will get to keep this term with the kind of choking dominance associated with the legendary K’Ogalo sides of the mid 80s.-Gor breeze-Until April 12 when Leopards came from behind to rescue a point against the champions in a 1-1 result, Gor breezed through their opening four games with a 12-5 goal-difference, hammering Mathare, Chemelil and KCB by three or more whilst edging stubborn Bandari 2-1.Since then, Nuttall’s charges have either beaten or drawn with rank title challengers, Sofapaka, Tusker and Ulinzi while hammering minnows All Stars (5-0), City Stars (3-0), KCB (6-1) when the situation called for it to reduce their last four games to a title procession.The only blot in what will be long remembered as one of the most commanding title runs in Kenyan football came at the August 23 Mashemeji Derby where Leopards fans, perhaps green with envy with their arch-rivals ascendancy, decided to halt the game in the 66th minute after K’Ogalo were awarded a penalty by pelting the pitch with missiles.Judicial review awarded Gor a 2-0 victory but anyone at Nyayo Stadium that afternoon and those watching on television across Africa could see it was a matter of when, not if, the champions got their goal after overrunning the old enemy particularly in the second half, with only the sheer brilliance of Ingwe keeper Lucas Indeche preventing an embarrassment.There are those who will argue the circus that is AFC Leopards, the drying up of Sofapaka coffers, an aging Ulinzi side and the implosion of Tusker contributed to the lack of a sustained challenge to K’Ogalo’s might but that all pales into the shadow if you consider the champions have not had an easy ride as well.-Parting ways-Gor forward Meddie Kagere, the scorer of the opening goal in 3-1 win over KMKM, celebrates netting at a past KPL match. PHOTO/Raymond MakhayaSince parting way with Spin-Knit Dairies through their Tuzo Brand, Gor have been rumoured to come close to deal with an assortment of companies with no formal deal closed and on a number of occasions, their devoted fans have come in to bail them out.Like Jesus, they had to turn to bread to feed their hungry coffers with Good Bread and now Elliot given the rights to sell ‘Gor Bread’ with the club getting a shilling in the first deal for every loaf before doubling the amount with the latter.Nuttall also had to deal with player unrest due to unpaid dues with a training boycott or two whilst the team was in danger of missing out on the regional Cecafa Kagame Cup when FKF bailed out on paying their tickets until the club’s National Executive organised another fund raiser.Once in Tanzania, Gor captured the imagination of the entire region when they sailed to the final but fell 2-0 at the final hurdle to Azam FC, a team though bereft with the fanatical support their opponents enjoy, nonetheless have the resources and structure that K’Ogalo aspires to model itself in the near future.In a sign of the huge gulf between them and the rest of the SPL- in their three-week absence- all title rivals conspired to short-circuit themselves and Gor returned six points clear at the top with three games in hand- another plus that inspired them to complete the job with four games to spare.Any other team, losing such a final with a lot at stake, Sh3m in prize money for the winners, would have rocked their spirit to its foundations but Gor raided KCB’s vault and handed them a 6-1 hiding on August 8 in a ruthless display of aggression with the poor bankers at the receiving end of their disappointment. That was their biggest victory to date.On the pitch, Gor simply have out-lasted their domestic opponents with fitness levels any SPL club should incorporate in their training manual in Nuttall’s biggest in print in the side.It’s no secret that most, if not all, remaining15 teams in the top flight are a sore to watch in the last 15 minutes but a huge chunk of Gor’s goals have come deep in the second half when their rivals begin to tire.With top domestic football talent continuing flattering to deceive, Gor’s title charge has been aided in large part by foreign imports with former Rwandese international Meddie Kagere (forward), Ugandans Godfrey Walusimbi (midfielder), Khalid Aucho (defend), Burundian Karim Nizigiyimana (right-back) and Rwandese Abuoba Sibomana (left-back) playing starring roles to supplement local stars.-Engineer Olunga-Michael Olunga (left) in action for Gor Mahia as Sony Sugar’s Sammy Oyuga tries to intercept in their SPL clasha at Nyayo Stadium on August 16, 2015. PHOTO/Raymond MakhayaAny title-winning campaign is spearheaded by a lethal forward and when Gor lost Ugandan Dan Sserunkuma, their top scorer in the 2013 and 14 victorious seasons; Nuttall invested faith in former Liberty Academy and Tusker youngster, Michael ‘Engineer’ Olunga that proved to be a masterstroke.The engineering college student, 22, brought another dimension to Gor’s attack and in mid season, Nuttall refused to take up the option of returning Sserunkuma despite the Green Army’s clamour to bring him back from Simba SC and his faith has been repaid with 15 goals thus far.Throughout the campaign, Gor have been lifted by an in form scoring midfielder, with veteran Ali Abondo opening the season on fire with nine before, Innocent Wafula, took over the mantle with four in the latter part, including the 38th minute strike that floored Sony Sugar on Wednesday to seal the crown.It cannot be underscored the importance of Kagere, who has weighed in with 13, to the campaign with his wise head and nous in attack allowing those around him to flourish and will surely be ranked among Gor’s latter-day legends.In his hit, M.V.P, the late celebrated American rapper, Lamont Coleman popularly known as Big L dropped a line, “my girls are like boomerangs/no matter how far I throw them they come back”.The same can be said about Gor and the most desired ‘girl’ in top flight football-SPL crown since no matter how far they have thrown it to their challengers in the past two seasons, it keeps coming back to the Green Army barracks and few can bet against the quadruple next season.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Sherman Oaks Orange Line crash injures several

first_imgSHERMAN OAKS – A mid-morning Orange Line crash sent five people to hospitals after a woman smacked into a Metroliner bus, authorities reported. The westbound bus was crossing Sepulveda Boulevard at 9:47 a.m. when a 70-year-old woman driving a Lexus ES 300 smashed into its front, right side, according to reports from the Los Angeles Police Department and Metro. The force of the collision nearly severed her arm and broke her leg, then knocked around the bus driver and three passengers, inflicting minor injuries. Ambulances transported them all to local hospitals. Investigators have not yet determined who was at fault, but Metro spokesman Dave Sotero reported that closed-circuit television cameras at the scene showed the woman sped through a red light before ramming into the bus. Bus service was delayed for two hours as crews investigated the scene and towed away the damaged Metroliner. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Real Madrid could hijack Manchester United’s move for Serie A star

first_img Lucas Biglia 1 Real Madrid are preparing to hijack Manchester United’s pursuit of Lazio midfielder Lucas Biglia.United were interested in the Argentine last summer and manager Louis van Gaal was keen for the club to make a concrete bid in January.However, according to Calciomercato, Real are ready to trump any offer United make as they look to provide back-up for Luka Modric in the heart of their midfield.The report claims Real have already made contact with Lazio over the player’s availability this winter and the Spanish giants have promised to double his salary.While Lazio are eager to keep hold of one of their prize assets, their sporting director, Igli Tare, knows the club cannot match any pay packet Real can offer and has already started searching for a replacement.last_img

OFFICIAL: Leicester City striker Leonardo Ulloa ‘submits transfer request’

first_img1 The 30-year-old has asked to leave the King Power Stadium Leicester striker Leonardo Ulloa has submitted an official transfer request. The 30-year-old and his representatives have held talks with the club but he has decided to ask to leave, it is understood. Leicester are still considering an offer from Alaves, the only concrete bid on the table for the forward, although there is other interest.The bid remains undisclosed but is much smaller than the one Leicester rejected for Ulloa in the summer when Sunderland and Swansea were chasing him.The Foxes could come back with a contract offer to try to convince Ulloa to stay but it is understood his mind is made up. He wants to leave and has been unhappy over his lack of playing time with the champions this season. He has not been rewarded with a new deal after helping them win the title last term. Ulloa, who signed from Brighton for £8million in 2014, has 18 months left on his deal but money is not an issue as he wants to play more regularly having been restricted to seven league starts last term. He has made just two starts this term and has scored once in 19 appearances in all competitions.Leicester would like to keep Ulloa and he remains a popular figure at the club, with boss Claudio Ranieri understanding his frustrations. Islam Slimani, a record £30million buy last summer, Shinji Okazaki and Jamie Vardy are all ahead of him in the pecking order. With Slimani on duty with Algeria at the African Nations Cup, Leicester are reluctant to let Ulloa go this month but have been looking for a new striker just in case.last_img read more

Kane blow ‘could be another reason why Pochettino may leave Spurs’, says Cascarino

first_imgTottenham’s failure to buy a top class back-up to Harry Kane could be another reason why Mauricio Pochettino may consider leaving the club, according to Tony Cascarino.Spurs could be without top striker Kane for up to 11 games following news he will be out until March with an ankle injury.It’s a huge blow to Tottenham, who are also without South Korean forward Heung-min Son potentially until February due to his participation in the Asian Cup, leaving 33-year-old Fernando Llorente as their only recognised striker.Spurs have been praised for their progress this season despite not signing any new players in the summer transfer window, but it appears that has now come back to bite them. 2 Kane lies on the turf in agony after the Manchester United game – it has been confirmed he has suffered ankle ligament damage Mauricio Pochettino has four years left on his contract at Spurs – but has been linked with some of the biggest jobs in football And former Chelsea and Republic of Ireland forward Cascarino believes Kane’s injury blow is bad news for the future of manager Pochettino, who has been linked with the jobs at Manchester United and Real Madrid in recent months.Speaking on Wednesday’s Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, the talkSPORT regular said: “Harry is a huge loss, this is a big blow to Tottenham and I think it’s the final nail in the coffin of them having any chance of competing for the Premier League title.“But thinking of the bigger picture, it might be another reason why Pochettino may go. 2 “If he thinks he can’t have a fully fit Harry Kane every season and can’t get a replacement in who is going to do a similar job – that’s what they haven’t got.“Llorente is decent but he’s not going to ever be what Harry Kane is, and how many players of that quality will want to come and just sit on the bench?“Say what you like about Manchester City, but they’ve built a squad where if David Silva got injured they’ve got Bernardo Silva, if De Bruyne gets injured they’ve got Phil Foden and then you’ve got Gabriel Jesus if Aguero is out.“And with Raheem Sterling and Leroy Sane, they can shuffle the pack slightly and they’ll be fine. Tottenham can’t do that.”Listen back to Tony Cascarino on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast IN FULL abovelast_img read more

Rangers’ Niko Kranjcar and Danny Wilson back in training

first_imgRangers duo Niko Kranjcar and Danny Wilson are nearing their comeback from injury after returning to training this week.Croatian playmaker Kranjcar has been sidelined with a knee problem and missed the games against Partick Thistle, Celtic and Hamilton Accies.A calf injury has restricted Wilson’s action this season with him making just three substitute appearances at the start of August.Manager Pedro Caixinha, speaking to RangersTV on Wednesday, revealed: “Niko started with us yesterday and he will be with us today again. The club will now face Morton in a closed doors match on Saturday but the chain of events has left Caixinha disappointed.“It was frustrating because we were about to be together with the team away from Auchenhowie,” he said. “It was important in this moment in time but that was the reality.“We already had everything planned so we needed to re-plan everything and it was good that Morton accepted the challenge to be here with us so at least we have more time to work on the principles we really need to work on.”He added: “In Canada, we were not having time to work on this content so we need also to see the positives from it.“The only thing that changed is that we were supposed to travel on Tuesday, come back after the match and the players would be off on Saturday and Sunday.“We are now training from Tuesday to Friday and we are playing on Saturday morning. The players will have off the afternoon of Saturday and the whole of Sunday.” “It is like a programme, two days on and one day off, with Steve [Walker] doing the physio work.“And Danny Wilson, he is supposed to start with us today so let’s see how it goes.”Rangers were scheduled to play a friendly against Benfica in Canada on Friday but the Eusebio Cup clash was cancelled at the weekend.Competition officials denied it was due to a lack of ticket sales after initially implying the Rangers supporters were to blame.last_img read more

Nutcracker and the Four Realms Preview Headed to Disney Parks

first_imgShare This!Are you excited to see The Nutcracker and the Four Realms in theaters this fall? Well, for a limited time, beginning October 5, guests visiting the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts will be able to preview 12 minutes from Disney’s dazzling new fantasy adventure.At Disney California Adventure, the preview of  will be presented in 3D at the Sunset Showcase Theater in Hollywood Land.Moving over to Walt Disney World, Guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will get to see this film sneak peek as part of Walt Disney Presents.For those who don’t know what the film is about, it showcases the journey of Clara, who finds herself in a strange parallel world, home to a host of eccentric characters and no shortage of surprises. Clara encounters a soldier named Phillip, a gang of mice, and the regents who preside over three Realms: Land of Snowflakes, Land of Flowers and Land of Sweets. Clara and Philip must brave the ominous Fourth Realm and its ruling tyrant, Mother Ginger, to return harmony to the unstable world.The Nutcracker and the Four Realms will be in theaters on November 2.last_img read more