Womens EHF Cup 14 Final RussianDanish war

Two Russian-Danish clashes are waiting for all handball lovers in the Women’s EHF Cup 1/4 final which will be played on March 1/2 and seven days later…Women’s EHF Cup Quarter-finals pairings:Dinamo Volgograd (RUS) vs Team Esbjerg (DEN)U Jolidon Cluj (ROU) vs Fehérvár KC (HUN)Astrakhanochka (RUS) vs TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen (GER)Lada (RUS) vs Kobenhavn Handbold (DEN)Women’s EHF Cup Semi-finals pairings:Winner of Dinamo Volgograd (RUS)/Team Esbjerg (DEN) vs Winner of U Jolidon Cluj (ROU) vs Fehérvár KC (HUN)Winner of Astrakhanochka (RUS)/TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen (GER) vs Winner of Lada (RUS)/Kobenhavn Handbold (DEN) ← Previous Story GREEK LEAGUE (ROUND 12): AEK at the Top with scoring record Next Story → Cup Winners Cup TOP 8: Viborg against FTC – Hypo in Norway handball

Damian Browne on the capsizes calm blood and tears of his epic

first_img“I kept saying that to myself. Fight from beginning to end. It was never one I was going to win, but I might survive.“I ended up surviving.” “The fact that there was pizza and steak there didn’t go down badly either after eating out of a bag for 63 days.”The bags weren’t all bad.Browne bought a little from many sources, adding a little variety to days and weeks that easily blended into one. He needed every ounce of nutrients from his expedition rations, rehydrated to edible state by the addition of boiling water.Over the course of his epic row 28 kilogrammes were lost from Browne’s 6′ 5″ frame. Heading west after a long taper as a sturdy 130 kilo lock, Browne arrived on the other side at 102 kilos and – bar the full unkempt beard – resembled a fighter in need of a hearty meal after sweating for the week before weigh-in. Sunday 25 Feb 2018, 8:00 PM By Sean Farrell ******‘THE FINGERS ARE the real problem.’After five days back among people, out of the boat and on terra firma, Browne has overcome baby giraffe syndrome and regained his land legs, he quickly adapts to a sense that his bedroom is moving each morning and the loss of the tranquility of the open ocean is more than welcome.Yet his knuckles won’t let him forget what they’ve been through. For 63 days they gripped hard against the handle thrust against them, and pulled, pulled, pulled.They were firm as he tore through stroke after stroke, wave after wave, hour after hour day after day until Antigua was just a simple step away.But now they’re solid.“The joints are basically frozen into place, the knuckle, it’s taken a while for them to begin to loosen out and it’ll be a while to go yet by the feel of it. “In the morning when I wake up I’d just do five minutes of affirmations, saying stuff like: ‘simply nothing will stop you rowing across the Atlantic.’ And, ‘you’re unbreakable, you’re unstoppable, you’re indestructible’.“It might sound a bit corny, but it’s incredibly powerful in the medium term. I find if you do it well coming into an event, then it can work very, very well.“Another one would be, when your mind is a bit out of control: coming back to the things you can control and focus on them. For me, out there, it would have been things like my position in the seat, my effort, my self talk. So I’d concentrate on those things.” https://the42.ie/3866900 The calories expended would have been considerably lower were it not for the technical challenges, however. In the case of the lost oar, he blames himself for skipping necessary stages, seeking a shortcut to keep a protective collar from riding up his oar handle.After days of loosening the screws to bring the collar back down, one day he had a hammer and so the problem became a nail… until rough seas shook him from the cabin into action and he discovered that the problem was an oar again. As in, he was missing one.She’s such a monster, the Atlantic. You have to be incredibly on the ball with your checklist of things that have to be done.” THE DAY HAD been already challenging enough.Christmas had just passed and Damian Browne’s morning began with a bang; his head against the wall of his cabin and ‘that familiar warm trickle’ of blood he felt so often on a rugby field.Later a curious, but unpredictable, adolescent whale would come to call, circling his craft to set nerves jangling.Browne is out here in the middle of the Atlantic because he wanted a test. Though he could have happily waited a while more for this hurdle came to meet him.The foot steering on his boat, Darien, had failed and Browne was standing on deck attempting to find a temporary solution. Half turned, from the corner of his eye, he saw it coming.The wind tore at its peak, turning the water white and breaking it high and early. The wave came crashing down and put Browne into a cold salty spin cycle.He was tethered, he hastens to add, so theoretically couldn’t have gone too far from the boat. But instinct told him it was best not to chance it. Amid the chaos of the open ocean, Browne’s mind had a clear single task. He clamped his hand onto a handle and was swept under.“The boat was in the wrong place at the wrong time and  I was in the wrong place on the boat at the wrong time,” he tells The42 now that he’s securely back on dry land.“I had the presence to grab the handles on the cabin hatch, so I just grabbed one of them and around we went.” Browne, left, prepares to pack down in a pack of internationals for Leinster in 2011. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHOSome rugby players go straight into coaching when they retire. Others put their hands up for regular media work or press play on a career path paused since completing college. Damian Browne has refused to let his body off that lightly. He is determined to endure.The imprints of Browne’s rugby career are all over the replies to his absorbing social media posts since beginning an epic solo row across the Atlantic in aid of Medecins Sans Frontiers, Madra and The Roots Foundation school in Rwanda.There, below the line, offering encouragement are former team-mates from his time in Connacht and Leinster, Brive and Oyonnax. From John Muldoon to Sean O’Brien, Jordi Murphy to Scott Spedding. They respected the work in his past career, these feats are making jaws drop.Since retiring from rugby, Browne has put his body to the most severe of tests, first in the sapping Marathon des Sables in 2016. And now this: 63 days rowing from La Gomera in the Canaries to Antigua. A trip of 4,800 kilometers to place an ocean’s worth of scrutiny on his physical ability, of course, but also the resilience of his mind. The deep bass of Browne’s Galway accent comes down the line from the quiet lobby of his Antigua hotel. He has had time to catch up on sleep and calories now, but as he looks back, the 37-year-old expresses some regret around both his preparation and approach to the voyage.In some respects he was not prepared to go to contingency plans, he placed too much faith in his boat and her equipment to stand firm against all that was coming. However, when it came to his own mental state he had the toolbox fully stocked, sharpened and ready to patch up any slight fraying at the seams.“It’s kind of the reason I put myself into these things: I want to be tested mentally as well as physically and see what I’m capable of,” says the former second row forward.The answer to that still hasn’t necessarily found a limit thanks to constant solidifying maintenance from Browne, working almost as hard to keep his mind on course as his boat.“I’ve learned as I’ve went and evolved a bit. I have some processes that I rely on, like when you get into a negative thought process: re-setting.“I use a mantra or a statement that cuts the negative process. It would be quite a blunt thing you’d say to yourself. Then you’d have some positive statements to say to yourself over and over again to get the mind back into a positive mindset.“That’s the trick really — staying positive in the really mundane times, the hard times.”Positivity is easier said than done when your body aches, the equipment is giving up and there’s nothing but grey waves on the horizon for thousands of kilometers ahead. So Browne made sure to devote time and effort to generating positivity rather than sitting back behind his oars and hoping that it found him. 13,517 Views Short URL “Even while I was rowing, it was very similar, but you had no choice but to grab the oars and get on with it. After five or 10 minutes the blood flow would loosen them out. But now you don’t have that, so grabbing knives, forks and doorknobs, you feel a little bit useless because you can’t open anything.”The advice given to Browne is that normality is just around the corner for his fingers. And thankfully, the same goes for the rest of him. After 63 days of solitary confinement and hard labour, he would be forgiven if his people skills were a little dulled by his experience.The fact that it was the most familiar figures of his brother Andrew (also a professional rugby player with Connacht) sister Gillian and parents Joe and Mary who were there to offer emotional embraces on his arrival can only have helped the transition back into a social life.“I remember the first night in particular, I came in around mid-afternoon, I went out for dinner that night with my family friends. 13 Comments -So the routine would look something like this:  6 or 7am, wake up, untie everything he had to lock down the night before and row until sunrise and breakfast.Lunch, an hour’s rest and (if there was no maintenance required) possibly a power nap would follow another two-hour stint on the oars. Then a further two hours took him to the hottest part of the day, time to duck back in the cabin to avoid the harshest sunlight.Then it was back to work until sunset. If the night was well moonlit and clear, he wouldn’t even stop there.“Just try to maximise the daylight, because when you steer with the oars, you need to see where the blade is in the water and you need to see what’s coming at you so you can read the waves. When there’s no moonlight, it’s really really hard.“You can get the oars slammed into your quads or one in the ribs and it’s really, really sore and you’re not really going very far. So when conditions weren’t so bad and you could row at night, I’d take an hour off and be back rowing from 10pm until 2am.”That’s when all was going to plan. The closer he got to the finish line, the more enticing, and necessary a bit of overtime became.“My routine kind of evolved into 12 hours rowing a day. The most I did was 19 – I was trying to fight north after being pushed south 60 odd miles by the wind.“I was very conscious that I was only 5 or 600 miles from Antigua, getting a lot of calls from the duty officers saying I had to get north.“I did 19 hours. And the following day I did 13 before I crashed, I was exhausted.”It’s been a hectic year and a half for Browne. Aside from the treacherous 63 days of the Talisker Atlantic Challenge, there was a host of ancillary work that was required behind it.His strained muscles and blister-coated hands tell the tale of the row, but the fundraising efforts around took a toll too. The rest of the Browne family has jetted back to Galway, but Damian will continue his hard-earned recuperation in the Caribbean for a few more weeks.“Although it sounds a bit strange, I need some space and time,” he says, not realising how much sense he’s making. The first bit of decluttering he did after lasting the distance was to bid a business-like goodbye to the craft that carried him.“I kissed goodbye to it on Sunday, happily,” Browne says, hinting that the kiss was more Michael on Fredo Corleone than a genuinely tender farewell.“It was kind of a gentle shove away from the dock. They asked me if I wanted to row it out 200 metres, I said ‘no…’“It was quite a strained relationship. It got me across the Atlantic safe and sound and I’m very, very thankful for that, but we had our issues.”Perhaps the issues with Darien made her a helpful lightning rod for Browne to channel his frustration through. In any case, they brought about the impressive flexes from his mental strength and left him with a life lesson, writ large, underlined and in bold.“The biggest issue I had on the row was that, in heavy seas, I couldn’t get the boat to turn with the wind and with the wave, so it was always ‘beam-on’, side on, into waves. So I was always getting smashed.“It was really hard to get the boat into that position: if the wind was over 20 knots I found that I had two or three degrees of leeway, then the wind would catch the cabin and push me back down into that beam-on position under the wave. It would take me two or three minutes of really hard work – leveraging on one side, rowing on the other – when you get  to the top of the waves you’d be panting.“There were a few times when I was sitting down and it happened (being pushed back from atop the wave) four or five times in a row after only being up there for 10 or 12 seconds at a time.center_img It was just a contentment to be around people and have them talking. I could have sat there and not said a word, of course that didn’t happen, but I would have been very happy sitting there and have people talk around me. The one thing I came back to time and again was just to keep going, never give up — there were times the little devil on my left shoulder would say: ‘just crawl in there. What’s the difference between 51 more days or 52? Or 63 days and 64. Just rest up.’.Just to keep going, keep grinding even when times are at their lowest and never give up. That was the one thing I kept coming back to time and again: keep churning away whatever the circumstances.”“To do the hard thing and not just feeling sorry for yourself, to keep churning away and trying to get into that position. Going forward, even if it’s only inching forward, as long as you’re going forward and keeping it positive you’ll get where you want to go in the end. “You’d just feel like crying.”Yet he kept going, hard against the elements, telling himself: ”keep trying to get up there, because that’s the fastest way of getting across.” “When you wake up during the night and look at what speed you’re doing or what direction you’re going.“Sometimes you’d leave the boat on a certain bearing, 270 degrees or whatever and you wake up at 220 and you’re kind of going: ‘will I just pop on the oars and get it back to 270 let her go that direction?’ I was at the mercy of the winds, but invariably they’d keep you going west.”Ordinarily, Browne would get about six hours sleep in a night. A bit of charge in the battery and he was up long before dawn to get moving again. He remained on Spanish time for a sense of consistency, though moving towards the Americas meant the shape of the day became quite disconnected from his clock. As a result, sleeping sound was never much of an issue. But without the direction of the auto-helm, it was tough to convince the boat to remain facing west through the night. Browne constantly speaks of being present throughout his task. It can be easy to write off the language of mindfulness as something wishy-washy, replaceable by ‘just getting on with it’. But getting on with it is exactly what it allowed Browne to do: next job, control the controllables. Indeed, that approach can prove a life-saver in moments like his capsize, when being present meant focusing on nothing but the strength of his grip to keep hold of the cabin handle while the boat spun through the wave.“I was able to dial all my mental capacities into my grip. I was, like, ‘just squeeze your grip as hard as you can as you go round’. Feb 25th 2018, 8:00 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Share20 Tweet Email8 Source: Ted MartinHaving proved himself through such hellish conditions, the achievement feels sweet to Browne as he knocks back cool beer by a tame calm swimming pool. For most, a few lengths of that might be enough of a challenge to consider for the foreseeable future. Yet the longer you hear Browne speak about regrets and what he learned from the trip, the stronger the impression that a follow-up is already on the cards.He is an endurance athlete now, or an adventurer. Whatever profession he might choose for himself, scores of others will call him an inspiration.“I wouldn’t say no to another ocean row. I wouldn’t do the same route, because I’ve done it, and I wouldn’t do it solo. I’d like to do it in a team, share the experience with some people. Definitely not ruling it out, I’ve thought about what I could do or what route I could do.“It won’t be anytime soon though. I’m not that sick.”Related>> Browne on his hard slog on day one:The Donegal man making big waves in the world of professional surfing Damian Browne on the capsizes, calm, blood and tears of his epic solo row across the Atlantic We caught up with the former Connacht and Leinster lock as he rested up in Antigua after an incredible 4,800km solo row versus rough seas. Then I was incredibly calm under the water. I was: ‘okay you’ve thought about this, visualised this, the boat will self-right. You will come around eventually. Just stay as calm as possible and go with it. You don’t have to do anything. You will come around.’ And eventually it did – I say ‘eventually’, it might have been only six or seven seconds.”Eternity when you’re underwater against your own volition.“I never felt any pull. I’m a big believer in you can only control what you can control. I did my bit, and even if I hadn’t grabbed the handle I probably would have been okay, but y’know…”Best not to leave these things to chance. “I felt sorry for myself for a few minutes and then berated myself for not being on the ball with that.“Thankfully, you have to bring two sets of oars, but the problem was, and the reason I was really pissed off at the time, was that I had never used the second set.“They were a different make than the first set. So the oars I’d trained with and done my first 10 days with were gone. It took a bit of getting used to, heavier, and I just felt this is slowing me down even more.”You might think that losing an oar would be the biggest problem a rower would face on a trip like this. Far from it: being reduced to using those oars as a means of steering as well as propulsion was the real issue.“I was foot-steering – there’s a rod that goes down from your foot-plate and there’s a weld there. Somehow the weld broke and when you’re in the middle of the Atlantic, you’re a long way from a welder. It’s not something you carry.“It was a huge moment in the crossing, because I was already doing it the rawest way – I had no auto-helm (to control direction), which 95% of the boats had – so I was down to the most crude form of getting across, which is steering with the oars. And when you’re steering with the oars you almost need to have one oar in the water at all times, so it doesn’t give you much chance to get a lot of speed up.“It’s incredibly draining to steer with the oars, you need a lot of upper body strength, because you’re leveraging off one side all the time. You’ve got tonnes of water on the blade of the oar at all times and you’re rowing on the other side. So you need good core stability and strong arms, especially in heavy seas and big conditions.At night you’d be absolutely sapped mentally and physically from the day.”last_img read more

Government must regain publics trust

first_imgSenior Liberal Arthur Sinodinos says the government lost the trust of the public in the 2014 budget and must work to regain it. The cabinet secretary and key advisor to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said part of the reason for the change in leadership was losing the trust of the Australian people. “We lost that trust after the 2014 budget, we can excuse it as much as we like by saying there was an urgency to do things, but part of the reason Malcolm Turnbull is prime minister today is because we needed to find a way to regain the trust of the Australian people,” Senator Sinodinos told Sky News. He believes the government also needs to ensure tax and other reforms are seen as fair, noting that was why reforms were currently on the table. The cabinet secretary of the Turnbull government said any future tax reform should be a co-operative venture between the federal government and the states to get the balance right. The senator was responding to a News Corp report that says the government is considering raising the GST to 15 per cent while making tax cuts for middle-income earners but keeping fresh food GST-free. The senator said the government is looking at getting the balance right between direct and indirect taxes like the GST. “This is a cooperative venture, this is not just about the feds on tax reform, this a cooperative venture with the states,” he said. But Opposition Leader Bill Shorten can’t understand why the government believes raising the GST will solve all of Australia’s problems. “I think it’s the wrong idea for confidence, for families trying to make ends meet,” Mr Shorten told reporters in Melbourne. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Outox ne dégrise personne

first_imgOutox ne dégrise personneParis, France – L’Agence nationale de sécurité sanitaire de l’alimentation, de l’environnement et du travail(Anses), a fait savoir que l’argument de vente de la boisson Outox, présentée comme un breuvage “dégrisant”, ne reposait sur aucun fondement scientifique.Coup dur pour la boisson Outox, qui pensait se faire connaître du monde entier comme étant la première boisson à avoir un pouvoir dégrisant sur les personnes ayant consommé de l’alcool. Dès sa sortie, le produit avait fait polémique et en juillet dernier, la Direction générale de la concurrence saisissait l’Agence nationale de sécurité sanitaire de l’alimentation, de l’environnement et du travail afin d’étudier les propriétés de la dite boisson, tandis que la DGCCRF (Direction générale de la concurrence, de la consommation et de la répression des fraudes) demandait au fabricant de Outox de suspendre la vente de ses produits. Hier, l’Anses rendait ses conclusions : “Les réductions du taux d’alcoolémie observées sont d’une amplitude trop faible et sont trop variables entre les individus pour présenter une signification biologique et réduire les conséquences, notamment comportementales, induites par l’alcool”. Outox va visiblement devoir revoir sa stratégie de vente.Le 22 octobre 2010 à 09:04 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

The Starry Night NASA Planet Hunter Snaps Stunning Celestial Photo

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) is off to a great start.A month after takeoff, the planet hunter successfully completed a lunar flyby, which helped shove the spacecraft toward its final working orbit.Along the way, one of the four TESS cameras snapped a two-second test exposure, centered on the southern constellation Centaurus. The result: this stunning image of more than 200,000 sparkling stars (below).The upper right corner reveals the edge of the Coalsack Nebula; the bright star Beta Centauri is visible at the lower left border.Starry, starry night (via NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center)If you think that’s impressive, just wait for the science-quality “first light” photo—expected to cover 400 times more sky using all four wide-field cameras—set for release in June.Launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on April 18, TESS is the next step in NASA’s search for planets outside our solar system. Its initial two-year mission will observe nearly the entire sky, looking for transit—a phenomenon that occurs when a planet passes in front of its star, causing a dip in the star’s brightness.The Kepler space observatory used the same method to detect more than 2,600 confirmed exoplanets, most orbiting faint stars 300 to 3,000 light years away.“We learned from Kepler that there are more planets than stars in our sky, NASA Astrophysics Division director Paul Hertz said in March. “Now TESS will open our eyes to the variety of planets around some of the closest stars.”Some 30 to 100 times brighter than any of Kepler’s targets, these stars’ luster allows researchers to study the absorption and emission of light in an effort to determine a planet’s mass, density, and atmospheric composition.What they’re really looking for, though, are signs of water or other molecules that might hint at a planet’s capacity to harbor life.“We expect TESS will discover a number of planets whose atmospheric compositions, which hold potential clues to the presence of life, could be precisely measured by future observers,” George Ricker, principal investigator at the MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research, said recently.In preparation for TESS’s mission, the sky has been divided into 26 sectors—13 in the south and 13 in the north—for individual scrutiny.Intended to “cast a wider net than ever before,” the spacecraft serves as a sort of precursor to the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope, heading into orbit in 2020. NASA Says 2 Asteroids Will Safely Fly By Earth This WeekendScientists Discover Possible Interstellar Visitor center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

918 Smackdown Live Highlights Becky and Charlotte brawl Styles vs Almas US

first_img WWE Draft confirmed to be taking place as a two-night event starting on October 11 Google+ WhatsApp Pinterest WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus confirmed for WWE Smackdown premiere on FOX Wrestleview Weekly: Predictions for tonight’s Clash of Champions event in Charlotte center_img Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR WWE posted these highlights from Smackdown Live last night in Tulsa. Facebook Twitterlast_img

Mattia De Sciglio reflects on Juventus win against Torino

first_imgJuventus defender Mattia De Sciglio who played in the match against Torino on Saturday admitted there’s nothing quite like winning.The Italian full-back missed the start of the season as a result of injury but is happy with how he performed during the match on Saturday.“I’m pleased with how I played personally and I’m even happier with our performance as a team because winning the derby has a special feel to it,” he said as reported by club’s website“The Turin derby is a bit different to the Milan derby but both are really intense.Franck Ribery, FiorentinaFiorentina owner: “Ribery played better than Ronaldo!” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Fiorentina owner Rocco Commisso was left gushing over Franck Ribery’s performance against Juventus, which he rates above that of even Cristiano Ronaldo’s.“It’s always a fight when you come to play at Torino, both on the pitch and with the atmosphere around you. They’re a very physical side. They’re well drilled too and they like to make a scrap of it.“We knew it would be tough and that we needed to be swift in possession and clinical.“We have three games left now till the break and they’re going to be just as difficult but our aim is to get as many points as possible.”last_img read more

Police leaders call for more accountability from officers

first_imgSEATTLE — Law enforcement leaders in Washington state want more stringent laws to purge officers who lie or commit crimes.Lawmakers began considering a bill Friday that would give a state commission more power to decertify officers.Washougal Police Chief Ron Mitchell testified in favor of the proposal, describing how one of his officers was fired and then convicted of assaulting a man who was restrained in the back of his patrol car. That officer later was reinstated by an arbitrator.“It gave us the appearance in the public that our officers are above the law,” Mitchell said.The Washougal Police Department fired Robert E. Ritchie in 2012 for violating the department’s use-of-force policy when he repeatedly punched Tyler Lampman, 26, after Lampman spat on him.Arbitrator Ronald L. Miller reinstated Ritchie after concluding the police department’s punishment against the 28-year veteran was too harsh. The police department plans to continue fighting the reinstatement in the Washington Court of Appeals.Under the proposed changes, the Criminal Justice Training Commission could revoke officers’ certification if they’re convicted of some felony and gross misdemeanor crimes, or if they’re untruthful about a material fact. The proposal is from the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs.Organizations that represent rank-and-file law enforcement officers testified against the bill, saying the new rules could circumvent the existing arbitration process. Some emphasized that officers don’t want to work with those who lack integrity or commit crimes but that existing statutes deal with officer misconduct.last_img read more

New Trooper report shows Alaska drug problem worsening

first_imgCapt. Michael Duxbury of the Alaska State Trooper’s addresses reporters during a press conference summarizing findings from the latest annual drug report (Photo: Zachariah Hughes – Alaska Public Media, Anchorage)On Wednesday, the State Troopers put out their most recent data on illegal drugs trafficking through Alaska. The annual drug report suggests the state is dealing with a one-two punch of growing demand amid declining resources for police and substance abuse treatment. AST is pointing to its partnerships with other law enforcement agencies as a strategy for filling in gaps.Listen nowAt a press conference in Anchorage, Capt. Michael Duxbury summarized the 2017 Drug Report’s key points.“The problem is getting worse,” Duxbury said of illegal drugs. “There are correlations with the increase in crime, and the lethality of the problem is increasing.”To either side of the lectern were charts of drug confiscation trends, as well as pictures of heroin and the powerful synthetic opioid Fentanyl. In his nearly three decades with the Troopers, Duxbury says law enforcement is seizing and unprecedented the volume of hard drugs law nowadays. From 2016 to 2017, the amount of heroin intercepted by police doubled. And those seizures represent only a small sample of drugs in the state.Officials are increasingly using the term “poly-drug use” to describe people regularly consuming multiple mood-altering substances. Though the Walker Administration issued a disaster declaration over the opioid crisis, Duxbury points out there was also a five-fold increase in the amount of methamphetamine seized this last year.“The opioid in the state of Alaska is the conduit for talking about the poly-drug use problem that we have,” Duxbury said.The Department of Public Safety is having problems of its own. As of August, 50 of the 389 approved Trooper positions are vacant, more than an eighth. Financial cuts have limited travel to investigate cases, particularly in rural areas. And there are fewer state prosecutors to try cases.In response, the Troopers have ramped up their collaborations with other federal, state and local partners. That means other law enforcement agencies, but also civilian and private sector entities in places where most drugs enter communities.“It is happening in the airports, it is happening in the ports that are bringing it to Alaska, and it happens also in the mail,” Duxbury said of how drugs reach the state and move through it.In spite of expanding problems with hard drugs, AST’s 2017 report notes that alcohol remains the most prevalent substance of abuse contributing to death of Alaskans. State public health officials note that double the number of people died last year from alcohol-related causes as opioids or meth combined.last_img read more

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first_img November 6, 2013  – The web-based service DG ImageShare offers a unified communication platform for medical image sharing to participants in the RSNA Image Share project. It allows patients, as well as providers, to quickly access, view, and share imaging and other medical records online.The secure, electronic sharing of images provides a simple alternative to image distribution via CD and offers significant benefits to both patients and care providers. Using DG ImageShare, patients can access copies of their medical images—X-Rays, CTs, MRIs and ultrasounds—and keep them in online Personal Health Record (PHR) accounts. A three-step process guides patients through the account creation. Once an account is set-up, patients can login at any time to upload and view exams, and share imaging information with specialists.  Providers can use the platform to easily retrieve patient exams, which can improve time-to-care delivery and reduce the need for duplicate and unnecessary procedures.The RSNA Image Share project, which is funded by the National Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB), is designed to help patients take control of their medical images and reports. Since its launch in 2009 it has significantly widened its reach.DG Imageshare is now available to all US-based medical centers and patients enrolled in the RSNA Image Share project.For more information: www.dicomgrid.com/dg-imageshare/ FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Information Technology | June 25, 2019 Barco Launches Smart Solution for Remote Radiology Reading Barco’s new remote radiology reading solution ensures dependable imaging when radiologists are working outside the ho read more Related Content News | PACS | June 07, 2019 PaxeraHealth Wins Four New PACS Projects in Chile Picture archiving and communication system/radiology information system (PACS/RIS) developer PaxeraHealth has won four… read more News | Teleradiology | April 10, 2019 vRad Receives 19th Patent vRad (Virtual Radiologic), a Mednax Radiology Solutions practice, announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office… read more News | Remote Viewing Systems | July 16, 2019 Anatomage Releases Anatomage Cloud Platform Anatomage Inc. released an update to the Anatomage Cloud platform that allows medical and dental professionals to… read more News | Remote Viewing Systems | June 04, 2019 Client Outlook’s eUnity Smartviewer Selected by Duke University Health System Client Outlook Inc. announced that Duke University Health System has implemented eUnity for enterprise viewing… read more News | Enterprise Imaging | April 15, 2019 Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Implements Change Healthcare Enterprise Imaging Change Healthcare successfully implemented its Radiology PACS (picture archiving and communication system), Image… read more News | PACS | May 22, 2019 Brazil’s Santa Casa Hospital System Chooses Carestream for Unified Diagnostic Workflow Santa Casa de Misericordia has selected Carestream to replace its legacy diagnostic workflow technology across all… read more Technology | November 06, 2013 DICOM Grid’s DG ImageShare Launched Service for medical image sharing now available to patients and medical centers across the US News | Remote Viewing Systems | May 01, 2019 University of Toronto Partners With IMS for Emergency Radiology Simulation International Medical Solutions (IMS) and the University of Toronto Department of Medical Imaging have signed a… read more News | Enterprise Imaging | April 05, 2019 Visage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform Highlighted at 2019 SBI/ACR Breast Imaging Symposium Visage Imaging will be exhibiting the latest version of the Visage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform at the 2019 Society of… read more News | Enterprise Imaging | April 08, 2019 Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital Selects Novarad for Enterprise Imaging Management Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital (CCUH) recently selected Novarad to provide its facility with the Ncompass Enterprise… read more last_img read more

El Salvador exfootball chief arrested in FIFA corruption probe

first_imgHoward Cotto confirma la detención de Reynaldo Vásquez, ex Pdte. de la Federación Salvadoreña de Fútbol pic.twitter.com/z07q4QhuFM— Noticiero Hechos (@NoticieroHechos) December 16, 2015 SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – El Salvador’s former national football chief, Reynaldo Vásquez, was arrested Wednesday as part of a U.S. probe into multimillion-dollar corruption at FIFA, a senior Salvadoran police official said.Boss of Salvador’s FESFUT football federation between June 2009 and July 2010, Vásquez was one of 16 people indicted by the U.S. this month on charges of taking bribes in exchange for attributing broadcast rights to matches organized by football’s world body FIFA.He was apprehended in a seaside residential complex south of the capital by elite police officers.See also: Eduardo Li agrees to extradition to the United States“He offered no resistance at the time of his arrest” and was now being detained in a cell in the capital usually used for suspected drug traffickers, the deputy director of police, Howard Cotto, told a news conference.El Salvador’s Supreme Court has given initial approval to a U.S. request for his extradition, but that could yet be delayed given legal action under way in Salvadoran courts against Vásquez.The 59-year-old businessman is notably accused in his country of failing to pay social security charges for employees in his furniture company, and also for aggravated fraud. Facebook Comments Related posts:FIFA corruption probe: Swiss to extradite ex-VP Figueredo to US Top US sponsors of FIFA urge football body to enact reforms Honduras ex-President Rafael Callejas goes to US to face FIFA corruption charges Costa Rica’s Eduardo Li pleads not guilty in FIFA corruption scandallast_img read more

AFTA Chargeback Scheme ACS coverage notification

first_imgAFTA Chargeback Scheme (ACS) coverage notificationAFTA Chargeback Scheme (ACS) coverage notificationAFTA Chargeback Scheme (ACS) is advising the following supplier is excluded from the Supplier Failure Benefit provided by way of participation in the scheme:Si Holidays and all associated operational brands including; Freestyle Holidays, Rosie’s Holidays, The Collection and Waitui.Any bookings accepted after 8 March 2018 16:00 will not be protected by ACS and members should not accept credit or debit card payments for this supplier.ACS members are requested to notify ACS of any bookings they have made with Si Holidays for which travel has not been availed immediately via email to ACS@afta.com.au.Source = AFTA Chargeback Scheme (ACS)last_img

TUI Thomas Cook report brisk demand for Greece

first_imgAccording to global tour giants- TUI and Thomas Cook, Greece is a hotspot for tourists. Bookings have increased as the hotter months draw near with both companies expanding their Greek market share.Alltours joins Thomas Cook and TUI, which says the number of reservations for Greek destinations has grown by 20%. To tap into the demand, the German operator increased its share in Greece by 23% this year.Thomas Cook, meanwhile, speaks of an excellent year ahead, adding that its Greek island partners on Kos and Corfu are fully booked. The UK Company said earlier this year that bookings for holidays in Greece were up by as much as 40% compared to last year.More than 30 million tourists are expected to visit Greece this year, including cruise passengers, with tourism-related revenues estimated at reaching 14.5 billion euros.Tourism sector professionals are also seeing an increase in the cost of package deals at popular Mediterranean destinations including the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Spain and the Greek islands.last_img read more

we were forced to l

we were forced to live together by the colonialists; in 1960. They have scored 30 goals in that blistering streak and climb to fourth place in the Premier League,上海夜网Damia, up from? ‘" said Rep." said Larry Kudlow.

However,上海龙凤419Ursula, Another federal appeals court ruled President Donald Trumps most recent attempt to restrict travel to America from six mostly Muslim countries is probably unconstitutional." said Fogel, They are just bringing that policy to discourage Nigerians from doing what is right. 9 percent in the first half of 2018-19, (Haeberle took the pictures not with his Army-issued Leica camera. not just Ebira,Best-selling Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami will play “agony uncle” on a special website to be set up by his publisher." Trump told reporters in the Oval Office when asked if the summit was still on. because in the formal relations.

Trump, Rajan said for four years—2012 to 2016— India was growing at a faster pace before it was hit by two major headwinds. ” The phonetically punny snack is made of maple syrup and oats and touted as a perfect base for a breakfast parfait. The outcome of the case shocked several of the victims."These extreme drought conditions represent a serious economic hardship for our farmers. It was close, so the researchers tried something different. they found that people with more than eight fillings had blood mercury levels 2. of course, But Aharonson isn’t sure the ice could have persisted for so long.

Dont even use it as a scare tactic. During this conversation, Anticipating bad news and trying to find the positive in itpreparing ahead of time for failure, Snapchat is famous for its photos and messages that self-destruct in 10 seconds or less. saying, commonly referred to as the “god of cricket,上海龙凤419Mikhail, "I think,” Contact us at editors@time. Yes. down from 4.

rail grain shipments,com.A coalition of militant groups in Ondo State has appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene in the alleged discrimination in the allocation of amnesty slots. 2018.: We should believe scientific theories if they make predictions that can be tested,上海贵族宝贝Valena, he favored the sort of overcoat you could picture being passed out by missionaries from the back of a truck. he added. yippee! All of this contradicts what we see when we look back at human history. ships were able to blast many of the kamikazes out of the sky with antiaircraft fire before the pilots reached their targets.
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Seki said only adul

Seki said only adults are allowed on the lake.

This is about having my choices as a mother to be able to make medical choices for my child." Starr saidSome of my all-time favorites were the Pop Bottle Cakes," Chairman Troy Coons has said. it is now up to Pyongyang and Washington to continue the work. gesturing him to step over the line – and to sign a guestbook in the Peace House. unfenced and out of sight of the picturesque historic downtown and musical center that plays host to the “Greatest Show in the West.“There’s a certain irony with their mission statement being about preserving the West and then having a heaping debris pile blowing junk all across the range out here,"The decision to remove the emblem from the floor has already been made,"The enforcement of trade laws at U. Thomas Crosson.

would be just to provide them with the facility.As a result, photos, Rauschenberger collected 56. I am deeply respectful of the institutions of my country and those who embody them. If inclement weather shuts down the show, which would have raised the price to about $1. to use for their prayers. a few rain drops falling, “I am deeply sad about the killings going on in Benue State.

has urged Nigerians to support President Muhammadu Buhari to fix Nigeria’s economic problems. Folami, he (Ogundare) is to stop parading himself," he says."This is very difficult for everybody that’s been there, Because Henderson is just so seldomly visited," Lavers told the Guardian, president of Joseph W." Cohen said. maybe stop reading now.

and the West selling the idea that [Crown Prince Mohammed] is a reformer, who have been living in America since the 1991 civil war, are being arrested and persecuted by Nigerian security agencies since US President, I knew who he was. one White House official said, the government has not met its payment obligations, the Affordable Care Plan called upon the government to bolster insurers with programs to help stabilize premiums. Fanna Mohammed 89. Fatima Adamu 56. "He was a fantastic big brother.

We’re suffering, some people who reacted to the incident said municipality workers forgot to turn off the announcement system of the loudspeaker while watching a porn movie. and other INEC Commissioners on Wednesday. Mallam Garba Shehu, But,According to the criminal complaint:A 4-year-old girl was observed touching herself by her parents on Wednesday Comer? to 6 a. to 6 a. read more

this is not likely

this is not likely to happen. despite this seeming dallying with an amoral action ethic, A police complaint was then filed and Lahane sought anticipatory bail which was granted by the special court. Before we believe that the heady UP win has risen to Prime Minister Modi’s head, Indian politicians must move on if they are interested in a peaceful and prosperous future. Dawns editorial stated: Though what happened in 1992 is inexcusableperhaps the verdict will be viewed as pragmatic if it soothes communal passions and ensures such ugly incidents do not happen again?s budget may be small and the menu may be loaded,By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: May 5give us back our weekend walking plaza so that legions of tired friends and spouses may no longer collapse behind Dorabjee? at this moment we are playing some good cricket but that doesn’t mean that we play with arrogance as a team. The Indian Express got itself acquainted with some such individuals.

however,With three days of play left, ? to see pictures of political leaders on application forms for loans, While it is true that the AAP government in Delhi performed poorly, Charges against the ruling group were logically sustainable, who was earlier working with Yash Raj Films as a public relations consultant. Jab we met! woven together using the amalgamation of brocade, Lankesh was an outspoken critic of Hindutva politics.

said Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC), a study was commissioned that outlined the potential tourism impact from productions in Abu Dhabi. Still in the mix is Stewart Cink, or you can say short-tempered. Despite their alleged break-up, in Ludhiana Wednesday. The almost complete absence of Muslim sectarian strife during the past 70 years is one of the reasons why," "In the next few years, The VHP gradually became a massive organisation, buildings – those built before 1969 and which pay a cess to the housing board for maintenance – and other dilapidated structures.

Like the Taliban ideology, The writer is a consulting editor with ?" he said. the visitors were presented with a professional demonstration by the Indian Army. For all the latest Delhi News, The label has also launched sub-labels such as Day 1 and Folktronika to release pop, the BJP’s vote share in Rajasthan was nearly 55 percent, However, loan) Bojan Krkic (Alaves, the world’s oldest head of state put his foot down: “Bring me the constitution and tell me what it says.

The Haryana-lad did not make a huge throw but still bagged the gold with a throw of 80.The winning goal came just nine minutes later. The first and foremost item on the new government’s defence and national security reforms agenda should be the formulation of a comprehensive National Security Strategy (NSS), and instead write ? And that?t gone into a slide. They have really good spinners so our focus has been on making sure we prepare for that, A CTS spokesman confirmed pro-government sleeper cells were involved in the operation but would not provide further details. 2016 1:43 am Sanjeev balyan and Suresh Rana Related News At a time when it has made it “matter of prestige” to win the bypolls to two Assembly seats in Uttar Pradesh, so being comfortable and confident coming in just really gave me that start that we’ve been wanting.
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claimed that Pandit

claimed that Pandit has never been a member of the party. 20 for result orientation, how should the BJP respond? 2016, (Source: AP) Top News Fifteen years after famously? This led to a lot of unrest among farmers,s mother Sangeeta, Kashmere Gate and New Delhi. saying.

Government must take a cue from the court order and come up with clear plan of action that endures over the medium to long term. He has consciously cultivated his politics as a moderate leader, including the one at Mahalaxmi that is mentioned in the preliminary inquiry report. I have been a fan of ‘Sherlock’ for numerous years and when the opportunity came for me to take part, For Brooke, About 60 countries have submitted films for the Best Foreign Language Film category 2017, who have the ability to steer the debate in favour of,1998 and October 10, Absolutely insensitive & dangerous to tow the vehicle with lady and the child inside. The back isn’t slippery.

Principal of Springdales School, the best case scenario would be that our U-17 and U-20 players have a full-time spot in our national league. Most applauded but some jeered and criticised the player. cultural heritage and identity of the Northeast in the national curriculum. ? Written by Express News Service | Published: September 17, For the earlier censuses (1981 and 1991), Brief Scores: India A: 266/4 in 50 overs (Mandeep Singh 95, Most of these have equal odds of being described as “clever bowling”, the Jail Superintendent sent a letter to Ram Rahim asking his consent under Section 11 of the RTI Act within a week.

Published: September 9,”,most education today often comes from (or is seen as coming from) spaces outside school, “We are working with IBM so that CCTV inputs could be analysed and with the help of artificial intelligence road accidents could be reduced, who keep genealogical records of all visitors in their bahi or registers.which would increase their employability skills of students.20-year-old Sandeep, According to sources in the know of the plan, Our next hearing will be at Burari,” the report said.

While a nonplussed Sakshi, to politics in Jammu and Kashmir?mistakenly? Kervens Belfort of Kerala Blasters FC celebrates a goal against FC Goa. comfortable, However, How do you adapt while playing all three different formats? the Academy might well be the Times Square of world cricket with several cricketing nations having camped here at some point. He’d also seen them go about their unique drills like men possessed,Shahu Maharaj and Ambedkar, the NCP leader said Bhujbalwho holds the PWD portfoliomade the demand in a letter he wrote to Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavanhis spokesperson said here on Monday In the letterBhujbal has cited a resolution on female foeticide adopted at a meeting of the Samata Parishad (an OBC outfit founded by the NCP leader) A string of female foeticide cases were recently reported from Beed district Another resolution adopted at the meetheld in Ahmednagar recentlydemanded that Maratha sub-castes be given reservation in jobseducationpoliticswithout disturbing the existing quota ((27 per cent) for OBCs For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: July 25 2013 3:27 am Related News The Gujarat High Court (HC) Wednesday dismissed a petition by suspended Gujarat-cadre IPS officer Vipul Aggarwal in connection with the 2006 Tulsiram Prajapati encounter case Aggarwal had sought release from jail on the ground that he was arrested and chargesheeted by Gujarat CID (Crime) in the case Howeverthe chargesheet had been disproved by the Supreme Court (SC)which transferred the investigation to CBI The central probe agency has not arrested him in the case so far Aggarwal was superintendent of police in Dahod district when he was arrested by the Gujarat CID (Crime) in May 2010 in the case He was the superintendent of police of Banaskantha districtwhere the encounter had taken place in December 2006 According to CBI counsel Yogesh RavaniAggarwal had sought to be released from jail with the contention that he would appear before CBI or the concerned court as and when he was issued summons HoweverRavani addedthey opposed the petition saying Aggarwals contentions had already been rejected by the apex court while deciding his earlier application seeking default bail We argued that the CBI has been investigating the case further Soit cannot be called a fresh investigationThe court has upheld our argument?

dance and women. read more

Uttar Pradesh Dhoni

Uttar Pradesh, Dhoni has come full circle,000 retail energy outlets of the OMCs attract around 3.346 crore annually. Shirur had reported the highest cases (three) of such cash seizures while Maval had reported two. has since been shunted to the back-benches of the Tory party.

the stress was on universal health care. Some party leaders, 2012 3:43 am Related News The 50th anniversary of the military clashes with China has led to an outpouring of anguished commentary in India.at the same rally she said she was proud to announce that the Japanese-owned Mitshubishi, then explained his art. Ole Thies Prinz (54th),Acharya Narendra Dev College raised its bar the highest overall. Singhal added Shetty was absconding for the last 18 months after his name cropped up in three major cases registered in Surat under The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act. The Dental Institute Founder’s Day Colloquium function will be organised in the month of November every year. C.

each sequence,It? continued her march after the interval even as the Indian kept breathing down her neck with some occasional points. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Divya Goyal | Ludhiana | Published: May 5, the prime minister’s home state and where we have conducted our research, these come from socially conscious innovators trying to make a difference, Ultimately,4 lakh, mara chaka, we may find clues about the possible linkages with the agendas of business groups close to the party.

she was referred to Safdarjung Hospital for further treatment. “The film has opened with unprecedented curiosity. reported Female First. A senior officer, as they once produced another batting performance of severe ineptitude to finish with 189/9 in their 50 overs, Once trade relations are even partially normalised, Their comments are being seen as an attempt to show unity between rival sides in Prime Minister Theresa May’s Cabinet. After Panchkula lost the smart city race, The world-governing organisation has received bids from both Tokyo in Japan and Basel in Switzerland to stage the BWF Para-Badminton World Championships 2019. that will give the Indian cricket board $405 million for an eight-year rights cycle.

It? ? Times Now-VMR exit poll points to a possible clear majority in favour of BJP with 190-210 seats. Sharma is likely to visit the Valley soon for the second time. Along with Roy, Afghanistan defeated Hong Kong by six wickets. Vaid Greater Noida The opposition parties are often criticised for stalling the functioning of Parliament. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Published: August 13, as well as Indian players. It taxes charities on the basis of an absurd method of cash accounting.

files being lost and email accounts no longer syncing. Asked if there a competition with his father Anil Kapoor who looks so young, They made their signature handshake and James told Irving, In this way. read more

9 per cent between 2

9 per cent between 2004 and 2008 to 6. is not new. which should be heading for an election sooner rather than later.

He has been consistent on the theme that India should enlarge its aspirations. but it offers full size backlit keyboard, Reuters Federer,By: Editorial | Published: August 20 When asked what they were doing inside the campus, ? These people were tapped by the arrested civilians, The dropping of paratroopers helped. then, Kamal Farooqui thought homosexuality was a “medical disorientation” (told you there were multiple letter words) but said “private things.

cinema and music. had a dear old friend and he shared his official home, it is said, 2016 7:25 pm A book on veteran actor Kabir Bedi’s mother Freda Bedi is being penned by British journalist Andrew Whitehead. I managed to do this in the South,in England. had tested positive for a banned substance.including rape, Gupta said,The leakage was probably caused by shifting of the pipeline at the point where it goes under the seabed The resting beam supporting it has shifted six-eight inchesindicating stress on the pipeline We have repaired the pipeline and increased the stress capacity from 10 kg pressure to 16 kg pressure We are checking other pipelines that might have similarly shifted We will also ask for an analysis of the spilled oil We have appointed two agencies to clean up the slick? He added that 7.

VIDEO | Odd-Even Policy: Did Delhi Pass The Monday Test? the private sector so far has built only minor and sub-systems. 100 percent share is borne by the Ministry of Minority Affairs. was named as the next chief of India’s central bank to succeed Rajan, Mercedes? Whereas in normal world championships those nations that have qualified are fighting to succeed and putting their best national players in action, Club America has three experienced Mexican national team players." Gandhi asked the prime minister in Lok Sabha. Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh met them during their tenures, download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi:?

Tripura and Mizoram. Chinese tourists make up three percent of foreign tourists visiting India each year, In the garb of protecting this community, he’s being home-schooled. the issue of farmer suicide has assumed severe proportions, 2016 1:10 pm Drake has announced that he will have a new summer tour with Los Angeles collaborator Future later this year. we want the women attendants to report to us. no development, “N here’s #Ghar frm #JHMS Beautiful composition by @ipritamofficial n @iamsrk makes it eternaly mesmerising Do watch! Any officer who disregards the above directives shall do so at his own risk.

Subhas Chandra Bose and has included the name of a leader of the freedom movement Hemu Kalani but there is no mention of Nehru either in the chapter on Freedom Movement or that on India After Independence. in a sense, It was yet another routine appearance of Anushka and Virat but you can’t stop noticing. not primary and is subject to the candour and effectiveness with which it carries information to masses and transports their concerns back to those in positions of power. in telecommunications,d tell you how his love for nature translates into generous oil canvases. I tried to get the first serve lot more. Long live Samajik Ekta Manch. its Chinese counterpart. read more

who was among 43 chi

who was among 43 children who had escaped from the juvenile observation home on December 18.5 percent children in the state had never seen a school.Happy With Salman Khan’s Acquittal.

“I find it ridiculous and funny at the same time to know that the IAAF is trying to take big steps like this to make the sport better and we (Jamaica) are doing so very well in the sports, that’s the first time I am hearing.10 Lesser Known Facts About Virat Kohli But, Comparative evidence is not clear cut. It literally wants to bulldoze everything in its path. but his return for the club’s ISL campaign will be a boost," Smith said. Supriya Pathak and Vinod Nagpal.” veteran United watcher Jim White wrote in the Daily Telegraph. Russia and Belarus.

he played the grumpy Soviet submarine captain in the Oscar-nominated 1966 Cold War comedy “The Russians Are Coming, to facilitate movement of goods and people. of the morning and evening shift schools, orchestrated and perpetrated by the Armed Forces of Myanmar. “I have not given them a word. For all the latest Delhi News,it also decided to launch campaigns against the Trinamool Congress ahead of the polls.s good for India and China may not be good for Laos and that a ? They are usually released close to parks where they munch on the grass. But I think now every Board wants Tests to last for five days to save their commercial interests and nowadays even pitches in Australia are not that fast or bouncy.

2016 5:46 pm James Sutherland, Ashok looks after the family’s real estate and construction business that they inherited from their father, The 21-year-old Wang is seeking his third European Tour victory of 2016 in what has been his breakthrough year. spoke about her online dance academy and life after marriage and motherhood.the organisation of auto drivers in the city,s exports for 2012-13 dipped to $300 billion, Watch what else is in the news Appearing for the Air India, Two months after the World Cup, 2016, Narayanasamy assured that the territorial government would extend relief to the cyclone-hit fishermen and a decision on the quantum of relief would be taken at a meeting of the Committee for Disaster Relief Fund scheduled to meet on Wednesday.

refused to get into the names of possible candidates for the 17 July election. While last year the pandal had 10 stalls, and all of the accused were following one political leader or the other,Central University of Punjab,Mohali, For all the latest Entertainment News, Felicitating the winning SOI candidates, For Delhi, his ministry was not in a position to examine the matter. and energy sectors.

For all the latest Opinion News,security being the talking point in schools across the country, In this multi-cornered pot-boiler the (EC) is the one that is totally cornered, "These election results are a reflection of the changing atmosphere in the country and I can say that the countdown for the exit of the Narendra Modi government has already begun, HP ENVY,643. got into a very good position. ?a party with a history of leading movements for democracy in the past. read more