‘Manx Missile’ Cavendish sprints to victory in Le Tour

first_imgBy Julien PretotBriton Mark Cavendish of Etixx-Quick Step won the seventh stage of the Tour de France, a 190.5-km ride from Livarot on Friday.German Andre Greipel (Lotto-Soudal) took second place ahead of Slovakian Peter Sagan (Tinkoff-Saxo).Briton Chris Froome of Team Sky is the overall leader.“I was lying in a room with my wife and daughter yesterday and I got a feeling,” Cavensish – nicknamed the ‘Manx Missile’ – told Eurosport.“My team were motivated. It was incredible. After the near misses earlier in the race, for everyone to keep the faith. After such a loss with Tony Martin, it was so nice to get a win. It’s for Tony,” he said referring to previous Yellow Jersey wearer Tony Martin who crashed heavily on Thursday’s stage and had to abandon the Tour.“I just wanted it so bad. I am so happy.”It is Cavendish’s 26th Tour de France stage win, which puts him third on his own in the list of all-time victories.Only the legends Eddy Merckx (34) and Bernard Hinault (28) are ahead of him.last_img read more

Four Gurias players in Maprik United team

first_imgCoach of Maprik United, Bradley Simon said to have the four in Samuel Hamari, Billy Torea, Emanuel John and Jimmy Peter Jr in the team is definitely a big boost.“Their experience will boost the team and I have no doubt a fairy tale is on the cards come this weekend.“With the mixture of experience, youth and Maprik’s own raw talents, I sure can’t wait to watch them play,” said Simon.Maprik United will play their first game against SSG Roosters this Friday at 9am.The NGI Super 9s will run from January 20-22 at Kalabond Oval, East New Britain. 16 teams will take part in the tournament.last_img

How will we be remembered?

first_imgInevitably, as my final year of high school begins, the question of what I’ll be leaving behind comes to mind. Everyone knows the age old statement, if a tree falls and no one can hear it, does it make a sound? On face value, it appears to make no sense at all, but in fact it is quite applicable to our everyday life. Life is about making connections. If we live our lives without making meaningful connections with others, then who will it matter to once we disappear? We shouldn’t be saying ‘I don’t matter’, but rather why should I? What have I done that makes me memorable?It doesn’t need to be something vastly significant, one can be remembered simply because you were very polite, always smiling, or you were very dedicated to your work. But is it how you want to be remembered? For senior students now is the time to reflect upon if we are happy with what we’re leaving behind. It is important that we first admit that we are not perfect. We have all made mistakes. But it is important that we understand that these mistakes do not have to define us. We will not be remembered for the mistakes that we made, but rather how we dealt with those mistakes. Did we learn from them, or did we refuse to accept them?There is a quote by Iain Thomas which reads, “There are a finite number of times you will be hurt in life, but an infinite number of ways in which you can react to it.” Similarly, there are a finite number of times you can make mistakes in life, but an infinite number of ways in which you can react to making these mistakes. How you react these mistakes will become more defining of your character and more characteristic of your legacy than the actual mistakes.Taking all of this into consideration, I encourage all of you to go forth and focus on what you’re leaving behind. Is it something positive that you are proud of? Or would your children be ashamed to hear of what you’ve done? Remember it’s okay to make mistakes, but we just have to deal with them appropriately.last_img read more

Is the Region 6 Chairman running a parallel NDC?

first_imgDear Editor,The Regional Chairman of Region Six, Dennis Deoroop, is ensuring that his tentacles remain tight on the Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDC) within the region and in some cases, is running a parallel NDC, with the assistance of a few NDC Councillors, in his attempt to stymie the effective functioning of that NDC. Recently, the Kilcoy/Hampshire NDC has been the prime target of the Regional Vice Chairman, since I objected to his criticism of the officials of the said NDC, whom he said, should have been more proactive in order to avoid the severe flooding at Nigg South. I pointed out that we had requested the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) to clean these drainage canals months before but to no avail. However, my recent criticisms of the Region Six 2017 Estimates have caused Deoroop to accelerate his vindictiveness towards my NDC.On August 30, The Regional Vice Chairman with the assistance of a Councillor of the NDC convened a meeting with the residents of High Reef Albion and Anil Nandlall to ventilate ‘some issues’ affecting them. The main issue was the removal of the small excavator from the area. The said Councillor knew that the excavator was relocated to emergency areas such as Kilcoy South, Topoo, and Nigg South, yet he used this as an opportunity to cause unnecessary problems at the behest of the Regional Vice Chairman. Their plans failed since I informed Nandlall about the situation and the fact that I was not invited to that meeting. It must be noted that an emergency meeting was held and the deploying of the excavator was explained to the entire Council.But what is more alarming is the fact that the Regional Vice Chairman is now completely ignoring the work schedule planned by the NDC and is deploying the said excavator as though it is his private property! In fact, on September 3, he deployed the excavator to do the private work of a resident at High Reef Albion while residents at Chesney were being flooded out after just two hours of heavy rainfall. The cleaning of the drainage in this area was slated as an emergency, yet the Regional Vice Chairman saw it fit to deploy the Region’s excavator to do private work, allegedly for financial gains. Is this not corruption? This man is totally unfit for the job and should be sacked immediately. It is rotten apples like these that give the impression to some people that the People’s Progressive Party is corrupted! The residents of the area alleged that this was done for money and this is not the first time that allegations of this nature have being made. It must also be recalled that recently, he was accused of deploying the region’s excavator to desecrate a cemetery at the 52-74 NDC much to the chagrin of the deceased persons’ relatives! Even our dead are no longer safe!Lastly, I would like the Communities Minister to intervene to stem the lawless and dictatorial behaviour of the Regional Vice Chairman. I recommend that a committee should be set up to oversee the deployment of the machines within the region with immediate effect, to stop corruption. In addition, there should be proper supervision of works since operators are absent sometimes for an entire week and yet receive their full pay, not to mention sub-standard works. Moreover, it is a regular feature where these operators would turn up to work as late as 10:00h, leave early and still get the full day’s pay. Dr Ramayya spoke out against these corrupt practices and was unceremoniously forced to resign due to the pressure unleashed by the corruptors within the RDC.Regards,Haseef Yusuflast_img read more

The PPC: its development, and hypocrisy of the regime

first_imgDear Editor,Once more, the situation with the setting up of the Public Procurement Commission (PPC) and its functioning has come to the fore and is prominent in the news. Since the author had quite a bit to do with this, it is therefore important to once more set the record straight. When the PPP/C government placed the PPC Bill before the National Assembly, the ‘no objection’ role of Cabinet was part of that Bill. The then opposition railed against this, and suggested strongly that Cabinet’s role be removed. It was on the floor that this was done. The then Attorney General, Doodnauth Singh, Khemraj Ramjattan and lawyers from the Opposition, including Winston Murray, had a sidebar and removed the role of Cabinet.Therefore, the intention of the framers should not be in doubt.I also recall that when the PPP/C moved in the National Assembly to establish that body, it was hindered by the then opposition, which tried to manipulate the process to get majority representation on the Board. At one stage, they even demanded to have the chairmanship of the PPC.At the level of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), where these manoeuvres were taking place, the PPP/C was having none of that.The PNC/R stuck to its position, refusing to compromise; and that prevented the setting up of the PPC.After the 2011 elections, the issue was raised again. This time, the joint opposition had a one-seat majority in the National Assembly. They were demanding that the PPC be established, and this time their bargaining position had improved. They appeared not to want any recommendation from the PPP/C.They used their one-seat majority in the Assembly to frustrate all of the then government’s developmental projects: They railed against the Marriott Hotel; they frustrated the beginning of the Amaila Falls Hydro Project; they voted in the National Assembly to cut the budget of the Ministry of Works, stymieing the establishment of new airstrips in the interior; and they even voted against the establishment of a Specialty Hospital, which was aimed at advancing our health services by leaps and bounds.The APNU/AFC was not only being anti-developmental, but also deliberately putting our country in harm’s way; they seemed to have wanted to make the economy grind to a halt. Their refusal to pass the Anti-Money Laundering Bill was aimed at damaging the financial sector and the economy as a whole. Further, the APNU/AFC members of the National Assembly voted against the Amendments to the Environmental Tax Act, which would have allowed a level playing field for local and regional companies. This was fulfilling Guyana’s commitment to CARICOM. That would have settled the case brought by the Rudisa Company, which claimed that the tax was discriminatory.This anti-nationalist act by the APNU/AFC cost our country more than one billion dollars.Even in such hostile circumstances, the PPP/C Administration tried to make compromises in relation to enacting the PPC. It was proposed that we establish the PPC but, however, allow cabinet to retain its ‘no objection.’ This was proposed because of the hostile attitude of the APNU/AFC towards the government’s projects.The then opposition parties refused, and adamantly demanded that Cabinet’s role be completely removed.Therefore, all the talk about things not being clear is just a mere roost for the APNU regime to renege on that position now.There should be no doubt of the intent.Cabinet’s role should be removed completely.Sincerely,Donald Ramotarlast_img read more

Opposition Leader threatens legal action over GRA’s new powers

first_imgThe coalition A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government could very well find itself before the courts shortly, if it insists on going ahead with granting the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) with extended powers, namely to garnish money from the private accounts of citizens and the prevention of persons from leaving the country should they be indebted to the tax authority.GRA Headquarters, Camp StreetThe warning was sounded by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo, when he met on Friday with members of the local media corps at his Church Street office to offer a post budget analysis.Jagdeo told media operatives if Government is unwilling to heed the calls of the Opposition to withdraw certain proposals in the Budget, particularly as it relates to the GRA, then the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) will have no choice but the challenge the matter in court given the voting strength of the Government in the National Assembly which could see it approving its own budget without amendments.Finance Minister Winston Jordan in his budget presentation on Monday last spoke to a range of measures including permitting the Revenue Authority to prevent persons from leaving the country should they be found to be indebted to the tax authority, in addition to the GRA accessing the private bank accounts of individuals in order to garnish monies it believed it is owed.Jordan at the time said, “The provisions of section 102 of the Income Tax Act Chapter 81:01 will be revised to provide authority to the GRA to garnish funds from bank accounts held by taxpayers who have outstanding tax arrears. This provision would assist to improve compliance with demands issued by the GRA for outstanding payments.”Challenge in courtAccording to Jagdeo, the matter of the garnishing of funds from taxpayers’ private bank accounts in something that the PPP/C will challenge in court if the Administration insists on moving ahead as proposed.“There are things we can challenge,” Jagdeo said but was quick to point out that the imposition of Value Added Tax (VAT) on electricity, water, educational and medial supplies in something that the political Opposition would be unable to challenge in court since it is a policy decision that the Government will use its slim one seat majority to pursue.Jagdeo was adamant too that the proposal by Government to remove the courts from the process is what poses the problem.He noted too that similarly, Government’s proposal to prevent persons from leaving the country is something that could also be challenged since the proposal in itself represents a breach of a person’s constitutionally protected rights.He was speaking to the right to freedom of movement and used the occasion to recall that Government had last year attempted to institute a similar measure on University of Guyana students that had defaulted on their loans.According to the Opposition Leader, he was happy to see that Government did not follow through on its threat but cautioned that it was looking to institute a similar regime under its new proposal.The Opposition Leader was adamant that Government should not really need the Opposition’s input on the budget on simple things like whether to charge VAT on education and medical supplies.“They don’t need the PPP to tell them not to tax educational services,” Jagdeo said, as he expressed similar sentiments on the Government’s proposal to place VAT on medicines and a doctor’s visit.Meanwhile, the Private Sector Commission (PSC) had also come out in condemnation of the Government’s proposal to garnish taxes from citizen’s private accounts as well as the prevention of persons believed to be indebted to the GRA to be prevented from leaving the country.Accessing accountsExpanding on the proposal to empower the GRA to access the private accounts of taxpayers, Executive Member of the PSC described it as tantamount to a violation of civil liberties.Expanding on the issue, Chairperson of the PSCs Financial and Economic Services Committee Ramesh Persaud on Thursday reminded that the GRA currently holds the power to access a taxpayer’s bank account to garnish funds it is owed but this is done through a court order. Government has proposed to remove the courts from the process.Persaud reminded that previously, it is the court that decided on the propriety of GRA’s access to an account in addition to determining the amount to be recovered.Under Government’s proposal, it is the GRA which will decide how much it is owed. This is dangerous, according to Persaud, who is adamant the GRA should not be able to do the work of the judiciary.“Why is GRA dodging the judiciary, do they not have confidence in judiciary? Why is GRA not willing to go to court?” Persaud questioned.The official was unyielding in his position “if the court is slow, fix the court. Don’t get a short cut mechanism.”last_img read more

Costume required for upcoming Synergy FSJ mingler

first_imgOn Thursday, Oct. 27, Synergy FSJ , a Junior Division of the Fort St. John and District Chamber of Commerce, is holding a Halloween themed mingler at Fort Bowling Lanes.The costume bowling night is promoted as a way for young professionals to network with one another in a informal atmosphere complete with prize draws. There will also be business card draws so make sure to bring a pocket full of business cards. The event begins at 8 p.m. and tickets cost $15, which includes three hours of bowling and shoe rentals. – Advertisement – Tickets are available for purchase at Northeast News, Urban Systems and the Crayon Box. Tickets can also be reserved by emailing brent@northeastnews.ca.Synergy FSJ hosts social minglers on the final Thursday of each month, which are a great way to meet like minded individuals and get involved in the community. For more information on Synergy FSJ, visit its official website, or follow it on Twitter and Facebook.Advertisementlast_img read more

Unpunished misconduct

first_imgWITH typical self-generated fanfare, L.A. city leaders swore in interim Fire Chief Douglas Barry for the permanent job Tuesday. And in so doing, they also endorsed the status quo in City Hall that rewards mediocrity and discourages accountability. Don’t get us wrong. Barry’s a stand-up guy and has served the department honorably for 32 years. But is he the “right man” that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa says to put out the smoldering fires within the department? We’re not so sure. As interim chief, Barry’s seemingly done nothing to shake up a department so badly in need of reform since he took over nearly a year ago. Where are all the demotions, the firings, the proof that the culture of the department has changed even one whit? The Los Angeles Fire Department doesn’t need another nice guy at the helm. Former Chief William Bammatre was as nice as they come, but was still forced out after inappropriate behavior such as hazing, sexual harassment and discrimination continued under his watch. The fallout is a slew of lawsuits that have robbed the public of millions of dollars in services it paid for, with more big bills yet to come. Most famous among them is the Tennie Pierce claim, in which one firefighter claimed he was discriminated against because of a practical joke involving dog food in his spaghetti. Even as the city is in settlement talks with Pierce, no one has been punished for their role in that incident. Still, Barry got a virtual pass Tuesday during a City Council confirmation hearing. Only Councilmen Tony C rdenas and Richard Alarc n asked how and when Barry was going to change the culture of the department to end the lawsuits. Barry’s response was that he’s emphasizing to his staff that the “expectation” of them is not to haze. Further, he expects a reduction in “the frequency and the degree” of hazing, and will make sure people are punished immediately. These vague assurances in government-speak don’t exactly inspire confidence. The LAFD needs a leader who’s tough, who’s fair but firm, who won’t tolerate inappropriate behavior in the ranks. Chief Barry needs to prove himself by coming up with the money to pay for these costly settlements and judgments out of his budget and dishing out tough discipline to those responsible for misconduct.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Jose Mourinho urges Anthony Martial to start delivering for Manchester United

first_img1 The 21-year-old has only scored seven goals this season Jose Mourinho has warned Anthony Martial “great potential” is not enough as the Manchester United manager needs the forward to start delivering what he wants.Having started so impressively after his big-money move from Monaco in 2015, the 21-year-old’s second season at OId Trafford has been a struggle.Martial has scored seven goals this term and been left out of the United squad entirely on occasions, including Sunday’s impressive 2-0 win against Premier League leaders Chelsea.Mourinho confirmed his omission was down to dissatisfaction rather than injury, calling on Martial to take a leaf out of 19-year-old team-mate Marcus Rashford’s book.“You know, we have been together for almost 10 months or something like that,” the United boss said ahead of Thursday’s Europa League quarter-final second leg with Anderlecht.“The same way I know the players much better now, the players they should also know me much better now.“The same way I know what the players like, I think the players also know what I like.“The same way I have to go in the direction of the players, the players they have also to come in my direction and that’s the point.“That’s why Marcus Rashford, even without scoring goals, even without being since September scoring a goal in the Premier League, even without that he was always a player that I trust.“He was always a player that I play, always a player that I support because he was always coming in my direction, in the direction of what I want from a player, what I want as a Manchester United player, so I think it is about that.“It is about getting to know each other better and better and better, and go in the direction of the things that we like.“So do I think Anthony is a player with great potential? Yes, I think.“Do I think he can play successfully for me? Yes, I think. But he needs to give me things that I like very much.”last_img read more


first_imgTWO Inishowen students proved they have a head for heights when the scooped the top prizes in an International Hairdressing Competition.Tara Henderson from Buncrana and Breege Grant from Clonmany won the awards at the Blackpool International Hairdressing show.Following gold medal successes against professional stylists in the Northern Ireland wide competition earlier in the year, Level 3 student Tara impressed the judges at the Blackpool competition by scooping the 1st prize in both the Senior and Junior Creative Fantasy sections. Tara took the title as UK champion just ahead of lecturer Susan Cassidy who placed second in the Senior event.Just behind Tara in 2nd place in the Junior competition was Breege Grant, Clonmany, a Hair & Beauty combined student, also studying at the College’s Strand Road Campus.Breege’s achievement was also based on a win at the NI event before Christmas.  The College’s success in Blackpool was capped off by Jackie McColgan from Carndonagh, who was entering her first ever competition – and placed 8th in the Junior event.Next Monday  4th April the Corinthian Ballroom at Derry’s City Hotel will be transformed into a vibrant competitive arena as hairdressing students from North West Regional College’s three campuses in Derry, Limavady and Strabane come together for the first ever cross campus competition. From 3pm onwards the ballroom will be a hive of colour and creativity as Level 2 and Level 3 students compete in seven different competitions.Head judge at the Blackpool competition, Steven Jones, commended the College for its exceptional results.“To win 1st and 2nd in the Senior section was fantastic but to win 1st and 2nd again out of over 70 competitors in the Junior event was just amazing!“Both staff and the students are to be congratulated as it must take such skill and dedication to prepare such amazing Fantasy pieces. As Manager of the N.I World cup team I have to say the work really is World class.”Visitors to the College’s Cross Campus event on 4th April will have the chance see the stunning and intricate creations of not only Tara and Breege, but the talented stylists across the College’s full and part-time courses for themselves. The event will include a Cut and Blowdry competition, Bridal styles, Upstyling, and a Barbering event, as well as the much anticipated Avant Garde Creative Fantasy competition.At 8.30pm the event will conclude with a fabulous performance piece by the College’s Performing Arts students and a stunning catwalk showcase of all the looks created under the intense competition conditions. A panel of experts and professional stylists from salons across the North West will be judging the students’ skills and proficiency on the day with fantastic prizes to be won.A range of excellent raffle prizes will also be on offer for the audience.  Doors open at 3pm, but visitors may arrive anytime up to 8.30pm and tickets for the event are just £3 per person, on sale at the door. EndsINISHOWEN STUDENT HAIRDRESSERS REFUSE TO LET SUCCESS GO TO THEIR HEADS was last modified: March 30th, 2011 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more